State of the Business 2018

Farm to Table Tours—France

State of the business 2018

The basic model is discover, share, get paid.

Our goal is to have between 10 and 20 tours in France scheduled and being marketed for 2020-21 year by 8/31/20.

Each tour will spend a day at a food and/or agricultural event for a taste of French food and agriculture. It will then move to the countryside for 3 or 4 days to dive deep in the food at local cafes and bistros, and the agriculture with the opportunity to rub shoulders with producers and visit companies. There will be a couple of sightseeing opportunities included.

Our target customer speaks conversational English but not conversational French. They would go to state fairs for the food and/or agriculture given the opportunity. Foodies will be welcomed as well.

We had to end a relationship with a destination management company [DMC] that put us 9 months behind but that may have been a good thing.

We are currently preparing a request for proposal [RFP] to send out to DMC’s and others in France.

The goal for the 2018-19 year is to have 3 to 6 tours from 3 events including the Salon de l’Agriculture.

We are still considering the tour size. The first DMC we were working with was suggesting 35 – 40. We find ourselves leaning towards 10 – 20.

We continue to find a lot of interest in the tour concept. This year we will learn whether it translates into sales.

I am doing interviews about tours and what people are looking for on the tours. I am also doing competitive analysis. Both are part of the 6 Months: Ideation to Revenue workshop led my Dave Parker of Seven Peaks Ventures.

I am also seeking a co-founder and investors.

The ultimate goal is to prove our concept in France and figure out the moving parts then move to other countries while maintaining the activity in France. 

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